Originally designed to keep hair dye and applicator separate until mixing, Changeover.com's dual-chamber application shows strong potential with food and beverages.

A dual chamber application for food and beverage products has been designed and patented by certified packaging professional John Henry of Changeover.com. It can be used to add milk to cereal or hot water to dry soup mix for on-the-go consumption.

Here’s how it works: The plain or ultra-high temperature milk is in a small, sealed bottle of its own. The cereal is in a disposable, four-wall bowl with a membrane sealing the top. A side port receives the neck of the milk bottle. The bottle twists into the port, breaking the seal between chambers and allowing the milk to pour in. The seal can be peeled back and the cereal can be enjoyed, either with a spoon or by slurping through a spout, with the bottle functioning as a handle.