Polyethylene and polypropylene grades approved in Brazil.

EcoLogic, a company creating and providing environmentally responsible solutions globally for plastics, announces that the company’s Eco-One additives for enhancing biodegradation of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) have been found to be compliant to Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) Resolution RDC N.17 of March 17, 2008 for use in food contact applications in Brazil.

In Brazil, ‘resolutions’ for food packaging materials (according to the type of packaging material) have been published by the ANVISA, which is linked to the Ministry of Health.  For plastic materials, the ANVISA Positive List of Additives was updated by Resolution RDC N. 17 of March 17, 2008.  The purpose of ANVISA, an autonomous agency, is to foster protection of the health of the population by exercising sanitary control over production and marketing of products and services subject to sanitary surveillance.

“Gaining ANVISA approval in Brazil is comparable to FDA approval in the US,” said Tamas Vero of TIV Plasticos, EcoLogic's distributor in Brazil. “This exciting news paves the way for Eco–One to be used in a wide variety of common food packaging applications (in Brazil).”

The analytical work to conclude Eco-One components are on the ANVISA positive list was conducted by Centro De Qualidade Analitica (CQA) Laboratorios in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Grades for PP and PE are the first Eco-One grades to gain compliance. EcoLogic plans to submit additional grades of Eco-One for compliance testing to ANVISA's Positive List of Additives in the near future.