Presentation will discuss how to reduce waste through active packaging.

Multisorb Technologies( announces it will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO International 2012, October 28-31, in Chicago, IL. In addition to showcasing its sorbent systems and solutions, Multisorb will use this processing and packaging show as a forum to present an on-booth symposium, “Sustainability & Increased Profits through Active Packaging” on October 29 at 10:00 am. 

The presentation will focus on the benefits of using active packaging solutions to extend shelf life and reduce waste. It will demonstrate how a shift to active packaging can increase profitability while allowing manufacturers, processors, and retailers to be more eco-conscious.

Multisorb will also be showcasing its Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In active packaging solutions.

A Drop-In solution consists of an optimized spooled sorbent in the form of a packet. FreshPax® Oxygen Absorbers can be easily placed directly into the product packaging. For automated or semi-automated placement of the sorbent into packaging or for extending handling time, Multisorb offers sorbent systems. FreshPax and StripPax® Systems include the respective sorbent packets and a sorbent dispenser that has been engineered specifically for that sorbent, providing unmatched reliability. Multisorb also offers a Continuous Reliability Program that provides a variety of preventative maintenance plans to ensure continuity of your packaging line.

Multisorb will be displaying the APA-500 and APA-300; both of which are components of the MAPLOX® Program. The semi-automated APA-500 low-speed dispenser drops packets on demand from an operator’s signal. Sorbent capacity is protected through use of a fully enclosed cabinet and is available with dry air or gas purge. The manual APA-300 is ideal for hand placement of FreshPax CR packets into master bags of fresh meat. The sorbent packets are moved through the dispenser using an innovative magnetic system. A nitrogen purge system optimizes packet capacity during storage.  

Multisorb’s Fit-In solutions eliminate loose sachets as the sorbent virtually becomes part of the packaging. Fit-In solutions include: FreshCard™ Oxygen Absorbing Cards, FreshMax® Self-Adhesive Oxygen Absorbers and DesiMax® Self-Adhesive Sorbents.

Multisorb’s Built-In solutions incorporate the sorbent formulation directly into packaging material for containers and films.

For more information about Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In solutions visit Multisorb at Booth 7918 or email