French packaging companies are optimistic about the future, an attitude reflected in their plans for packaging purchases, according to a survey taken for the Emballage packaging trade show in Paris. According to the survey of 419 French packaging equipment and materials suppliers and packaging buyers:

• 64% of liquid food packaging buyers, and 59% of non-liquid food packaging buyers, expected to buy more packaging over the next two years.
• 46% of all packaging buyers said they expected to buy more in the next two years, while 40% said their purchases will remain stable.
• 54% of potential buyers said ergonomics was a major concern in designing and specifying packaging, while 46% named elimination of overpackaging.
• Among materials, 54% of respondents said they expected to buy more paperboard, 53% said they would buy more plastics, 48% more glass and 47% more corrugated and aluminum.