Based on the premise that creative ideas move the world; but also that packaging systems must be constantly reinvented and provide innovative and intelligent solutions in order to improve our life and to show more respect for our planet; being aware that all kinds of ideas are born every year, but most of them remain confidential and do not benefit humanity; The Pentawards are opening up to conceptual packaging.

The Pentawards Concept competition is geared to professional designers and students, freelancers and companies alike who will be able to show the world the quality, pertinence, innovation and creativity of their ideas.

It will not be necessary to supply prototypes but only rendering images of packaging concepts.  It does not matter if they are not feasible because of the current state of technology – sooner or later they will be.  The important thing is to think about the future.

This international competition is for the stakeholders of the world of tomorrow, so that they can show their innovative packaging concepts to the world today.

The Pentawards Concept will be open for online registration from February 6 to March 2, 2012.

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