The Packaging Education Alliance’s August launch adds new depth to on-line learning for packaging professionals. It offers easy access to learning along with authoritative courses. It gives to those working in packaging a way to expand their skills and advance their careers. And it strengthens packaging’s management and leadership role within business.

The Alliance’swebsitecarries career development courses that focus on packaging as a management function. “The profession is growing in that direction,” says Jim Peters, the Alliance’s Executive Director. “We give those who have base of packaging knowledge a way to gain greater impact on the business side. We expect those taking our courses to come away with skills to manage the function.”

Initial courses include:
  • Strategic Path to Packaging Development

  • Holistic Design from Organization Through Shelf Impact

  • Packaging Innovation for Maximum Return

  • Consumer Insight to Drive Packaging Success
Courses gain authority with content from Packaging & Technologies Integrated Solutions (PTIS). The consultancy has created hundreds of custom programs in the past decade, and it uses them as a foundation for the new courses that stress real-world experience.  

Mike Richmond, Ph.D. is the Alliance’s Content Director. He uses his reach to get experts for course segments; they add an even sharper focus to key issues. “Packaging’s value-as an integral business and technology function-is growing. Our goal is to help close the gap between what packaging can become and what it is today,” he says.