One ofPackaging Strategies' signature events, the Sustainable Packaging Forum, traditionally attracts a crowd of more than 400 top packaging professionals engaged in sustainability for major brand owner, converter, and supplier companies. This conference, held in conjunction with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Fall Meeting, will take place September 11-13, 2012, in Pittsburgh, PA.

The two-day conference boasts a unique mix of major presentations from well-known industry executives, compelling breakout sessions on major topics of discussion in sustainability, numerous networking opportunities and an action-packed exhibition. The conference will feature two concurrent educational programs that feature more than 20 individual sessions.

Conference attendees include sustainability executives, package developers, packaging managers and engineers, operations managers and directors, and R&D managers from CPG and converter companies. Many of these attendees represent prominent professionals engaged in sustainability strategy and actions at their companies or organizations.

Abstract Guidance

• Sustainability-related technologies, innovations, and cutting-edge tools that will lead to broader transformation of the packaging industry will be considered. Presentations must be materials-neutral and offer a larger industry focus that is not marketing-oriented or self-promotional. 
• Discussions of key issues and challenges facing sustainability in packaging will also receive consideration. These presentations must offer a well-reasoned evaluation of changes involving sustainability and their effect on packaging. Only non-commercial presentations will be considered, and those with expert knowledge in that area will receive the highest consideration. 
• New end-user missions and strategies also will be considered, especially if they include a discussion from a brand owner company. These presentations must be tailored for a large audience of key packaging executives who can learn from this strategy and can benefit their company or that industry segment.
• Consumer, retail or segment forecast trend presentations are highly encouraged. Abstracts that include a retail partner will be given high priority.
• Presentations by supplier organizations that include co-presentation by an end-user customer will be given the highest consideration.
• Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, April 27, 2012  

Presentation Submission Process Submission of your 2012 Sustainable Packaging Forum presentation outline is quick and easy.

2. Under the AGENDA menu tab; Click “Speaker Abstracts” for details and full submission guidelines.
3. Abstracts may be delivered via email (if less than 7MB) to: with the subject line SPF12 Abstract Proposal.  Please call 330-665-9719 if you have any questions.
4. The 2012 presentation submission deadline is Friday, April 27.
There are only a limited number of presentations available at this conference, and those that meet the deadline will be given the first opportunity.

Submit your presentation today!  
Regards, Joe Pryweller
Editor/Conference Director,Packaging Strategies
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