NMI (www.nmisolutions.com), the global market research and business consulting firm specializing in health, wellness, sustainability and healthy aging, announced today one of the key insights derived from its annual U.S. LOHAS Consumer Trends Study®.  

When asked about packaging, three-quarters of Americans believe many consumer products are over-packaged and about one-quarter will look elsewhere. Minimal packaging is most preferred among consumers, followed by recyclable packaging and use of packaging materials that are environmentally-friendly.  

According to NMI Managing Partner Steve French, "The 'less is more' trend continues to resonate with consumers. Marketers can maintain current and attract new consumers by using less packaging and 'greener' packaging materials. Specifically, 'renewable' and 'plant-based' materials are rated most environmentally-friendly among consumers."  

As so, businesses should promote the use of post-consumer recycled packaging as well as incorporating new environmental materials where applicable. Consumers are showing increasing adoption of new (and easily executed) behaviors that can save the planet. However, companies should be careful not to use environmentally-friendly packaging at the expense of the product or its experience. In the end, environmentally-friendly packaging can help consumers feel better about their choice – without sacrifice.