RockTenn ( and DS Smith Plc ( announced this fall that they have entered into a strategic alliance, executing a

Shelf-ready case display quickly and easily transitions from shipper to display.

licensing agreement that gives RockTenn the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute proprietary corrugated packaging designs and to distribute innovative packaging equipment in the U.S. This allows the companies to share solutions and innovations between North America and Europe, resulting in big benefits for customers.

RockTenn’s Automated Packaging System business unit is a previous licensee of the D.S. Smith’s Otor® mandrel forming technology. The new agreement encompasses the next generation of Otor technology, including the exclusive right to packaging designs and to high-speed mandrel forming equipment distribution.
A notable benefit is the new Meta® Systems technology, which produces a wide range of two-piece shelf ready packages that enable multinational packaged goods companies to meet the varied requirements of U.S. retailers. One such development is Meta CD, a two-piece shelf-ready case display. Consumer packaged goods companies now have a retail ready package that is also the shipper, which allows for true shelf ready capability. It is ideal for stand-up pouches, bagged products, bottles and cartons.

The two piece engineering allows for mixed substrates, is formed with hot melt glue and is part of an automated system. The automated assembly runs at high speeds of up to 55 cases per minute. Once at the retail location, the cover is easily removed, displaying the products in the tray, which can be preprinted in one to eight colors separately on white or off-white backgrounds. They are instantly converted into a display by pressing on the sides to separate the die-cut blanks, then removing the cover to display the product. The product’s display tray maintains the intended branding and is highly visible to consumers.

The automation behind the design operates at high speeds and is formed around a mandrel on Meta Systems machines with two magazines and simultaneous forming of die-cut blanks. The cases are formed before filling and designed for all types of loading- top, side and bottom.

This new product allows CPG companies to combine the case display and shipper into one unit (with two pieces) that is fully automated in production.

“The Meta Systems mandrel formed two piece designs improves efficiency, enhances production capabilities and increases cost savings in each configuration and provides strong graphic-intense brand and messaging opportunities at the retail level,” says John Eaton, VP of sales, marketing and automated packaging systems of RockTenn’s Corrugated Packaging Group.

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