Multisorb Technologies (www. will be attending the North American Meat Association’s MEATXPO ’13 in Las Vegas, NV, February 10-13, 2013. As the world leader in active packaging technology, it will be highlighting its sorbent capabilities for fresh and processed meats. 

Multisorb’s specialized sorbents (oxygen absorbers, desiccants, and other gas absorbers) are custom manufactured to provide optimum performance in your products’ packaging. Both fresh and processed meats will stay fresh longer while retaining their color and flavor profiles.

MAPLOX™ Program extends the shelf life of fresh meat in a mother bag for up to 21 days. The FreshPax® CR Oxygen Absorber, a component of the program, irreversibly removes residual oxygen from the primary trays and gas-flushed mother bag, providing unmatched quality that will resonate with customers. The pre-activated packets can be hand placed into the mother bag or automatically dispensed using a high-speed MAPLOX® Dispenser. MAPLOX Dispensers can easily keep pace with all flow wrappers and can be seamlessly integrated into you packaging line.

For processed meat manufacturers needing to extend the shelf life of their products, Multisorb has the solution. Multisorb’s optimized oxygen absorbers, FreshPax Sorbent Packets, FreshMax® Self-Adhering Oxygen Absorbers, or FreshCard™ Oxygen Absorbers, will eliminate oxygen and/or manage moisture in the packaging. Pepperoni, beef jerky, deli meat, and even meaty pet treats will retain their freshness.

FreshPax Oxygen Absorbing Packets are proven to extend the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive products by irreversibly absorbing and maintaining oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01%. Ultrathin FreshMax Self-adhesive Oxygen Absorbers provide the same great protection without intermingling with the product. FreshCard Oxygen Absorbers have the active material built right into a flat profile card. This multifunctional sorbent can double as a support card and can be printed on both sides in up to four colors - perfect for advertising.

FreshCard, FreshMax, and FreshPax Oxygen Absorbers can all assist in significantly reducing and even eliminating preservatives in smoked, cured, and processed meat while retaining flavors, color, aroma, and quality. All products are made with FDA approved materials.

In addition to providing an extended shelf life and maintaining food’s quality characteristics, all of Multisorb’s food and beverage sorbent solutions contribute to sustainability by reducing food waste.  Additionally, manufactures and processors are able to provide a cleaner label for their customers.

 For more information about Multisorb’s large line of sorbent products visit us The Mirage Hotel, booth1501, or click