Ossid (www.ossid.com), powered by Pro Mach (www.ProMachInc.com), introduces the 500 intermittent motion (im) leak-resistant stretch overwrapper. This new machine is designed for red meat, pork, poultry, and produce packers that want a quality end-seal machine at an entry-level price. The new 500im features an open stainless steel frame, a host of standard features, and a wrap rate of up to 40 trays per minute.

The 500im reduces consumable costs by using 36-41 percent less film than standard overwrappers. Servo-driven technology reduces downtime and maintenance cost while speeding up changeover. This new machine features Ossid’s gripper chain stretch technology – the same technology found on the company’s top of the line models 400E and 500E. The gripper chain provides consistent film stretch ensuring optimum package appearance in the retail case.  

The new machine’s easy-to-operate control panel can store up to 50 tray programs, making product changeover simple and accommodating a wide range of operator skill levels. The 500im’s welded center seal allows for quality printing on both the top and bottom of packages. The machine’s stainless steel open frame makes it easy for operators and maintenance personnel to access machine components.

The 500im is suited for both high and low-profile products. The new machine accommodates trays from 5.75 X 8 inches (146 X 203mm) up to 10 x 15 inches (254 x 381mm) and tray heights up to 5 ¼ inches (133mm). 

“This machine was built for the needs of small to mid-sized packers in the U.S., Latin America, and Eastern Europe,” says Ernie Newell, vice president and general manager, Ossid. “These companies can be assured that the 500im delivers quality, reliability, and ruggedness at up to 40 overwrapped trays per minute.”

Options include:

  • Newly designed automatic indexer that turns the machine into a high-efficiency, one-operator production station
  • Water Recirculation System – that cools the machine with as little as one gallon of water per day, resulting in huge savings on water consumption
  • Trimmed center seal – upgrade the center seal to trim the excess film away, providing more visibility of graphics on the bottom of the package