Del Monte has brought out a new product range, ‘Del Monte Occasions’, in combifitMidi 1,000ml carton packs with screw cap combiSwift from SIG Combibloc ( The new line-up of fruit-based juice drinks comes in the exceptional varieties Pineapple Mojito, Spicy Tomato and Orchard Zest, and offers a stylish drink that works just as well without alcohol.

In cooperation with the Gerber Juicy Company, the new range is now available in Great Britain. ‘Del Monte Occasions’ is a beverage concept that will appeal to anyone who is looking to enjoy a sophisticated party beverage without alcohol. The three varieties can be drunk neat, but also offer a drinks base to which alcohol can be added for a quick and easy celebratory twist. This is where the carton pack with screw cap offers clear advantages for consumers. The carton pack can be conveniently opened and safely reclosed. The beverages can be poured out cleanly and without dribbling, and the carton packs can be safely stored in the fridge even after the first opening.

Tony Gill, commercial director at Del Monte UK, says, “Our new ‘Occasions’ beverage range is targeted primarily at adults. The new range provides non-drinkers with beverages that are a bit more special than standard soft drinks. But the products are so versatile they can also be mixed with alcohol to create perfect party drinks. Packaging is essential to the success of our new range. The carton pack combifitMidi provides optimal protection from light and air, ensuring flavors, colors, nutrients and vitamins in the products are preserved. The easy-to-use packaging frees up precious time for party hosts when preparing drinks for their guests”.