The “Hybrid Chill Roll” was designed by the Menges Roller ( Engineering Team to overcome inner chamber concerns seen in typical chill rolls (which are double-shelled and filled with a thermal transfer liquid). On a standard chill roll, the interior chamber is susceptible to oxidation (rusting), scaling (mineral deposits), and corrosion. This is because, with a traditional design, steel is used on the inner surface of the outer shell, the outer surface of the inner shell, and on the attached spiral wrap. When this material breaks down inside the roller, it leads to loss of thermal transfer performance (the roll doesn’t get as hot/cold as it should), and poor-quality output for the converter.

But Menges Roller is using today’s high-tech materials to dramatically increase chill roll lifespan & performance. With Menges Roller’s new design, the outer surface of the inner shell receives a thick coating of a high-grade, proprietary elastomer – and the spiral baffle flutes (which help circulate the thermal fluid) are then machined from this elastomer coat. Next, the interior wall of the outer shell receives a heavy application of an oxidation and corrosion-resistant metallic compound. Now the entire interior chamber is protected from the damaging effects generated by the most popular thermal transfer fluids; glycol, oil, and water with improper pH levels.

Chill rolls are used to cool extruded film, which saves time and improves a plant’s output. Many laminating operations utilize heat transfer rolls to improve adhesive characteristics between layers. There are many other chill roll uses – and they’re usually critical – so converting operations are greatly compromised when they stop performing. But with Menges Roller’s innovations, performance is enhanced and lifespans are extended.

Matthew Menges, president of Menges Roller explains, “Today’s converters want exact tolerances, faster linespeeds and every processes must generate top-notch results. . .so we’ve developed chill roll technology that meets these higher standards. Innovation is the key to success for converters and for my company.”

AIMCAL (Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators) presented Matthew Menges with this Award for Technical Excellence Award in the Metallizing Equipment/Accessories Category as part of AIMCAL’s annual Management Meeting at Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage, CA.In 2012, Menges Roller received AIMCAL’s Technical Excellence Award for its Seamless Rollcovering product.In 2011, the company was received a Sustainability Excellence Award for its Tigermax Rollcovering compound.

Menges Roller has been a leader in roller technology for over 40 years, designing and fabricating industry-leading chill rolls, rubber-covered rolls, and large process rolls. Located in north east Illinois, Menges also provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all types of rollers, including rollcover replacement, groove and crown profiling, journal repairs, as well as chrome plating and acid flushing services for heat transfer rolls.