Buying beverage multipacks allow customers to buy more of with they love with a slight price break and the convenience of multiple servings. Customer convenience plays a role in multipack design and functionality, but package integrity and protection, along with sustainability in the materials that make up these products are also considerations.

Multipack solution ensures package protection and integrity

To offer protection for multipacks of aseptic screw-cap cartons, MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV), has launched the Cluster-Pak®. The last 100 feet of a product’s journey, from delivery truck to store shelf, can be brutal on all packaging, but even more so for aseptic multipacks with screw-caps. When handled roughly, these packages may be dented and can leak.

MWV sought to develop a secondary packaging solution with excellent cap protection, minimal material and better brand enhancement for aseptic screw-cap cartons. The structural design of Cluster-Pak provides protection by covering the screw-caps and grouping the aseptic cartons together with a one-piece paperboard wrap. The covering top is designed for stacking and has load-bearing design features.

MWV’s Cluster-Pak offers:

•  Secure handling of multipacks

•  Space for brand messaging

•  Better image and  on-shelf visibility

•  Excellent retention of bricks

•  Load-bearing design, which allows for the replacement of full wrap-around corrugated distribution packaging

•  Protection of the screw-caps in the shopping cart and on the way home

Multipacks of bottled waters use recycled plastic

A new water launch is sold individually and in multipacks and highlights the recycled packaging content. Nestlé Waters North America’s premium still water brand resource® 100% Natural Spring Water is expanding nationally and is available to retailers across the U.S. Following the success of the 2012 launch in Southern California, Nestlé made the decision to capitalize on consumer interest in the product and expand to national distribution in 2013. resource is a 100% natural spring water sourced only from carefully selected natural springs that have naturally occurring electrolytes. The product is packaged in a bottle made with 50% recycled plastic (excluding label and cap) and is recyclable. resource is available in 700mL and 1L single-serve bottles and six-packs.

Eco-conscious handles pack together form and eco-friendliness

PakTech creates hundreds of multipack handle designs. These handles are attractive, comfortable to carry, easy to remove and are environmentally friendly. The company is focused on bringing solutions for low-waste bulk packaging. All of the company’s ‘can carrier’ handles are made using 96-99% PCR content, while the other percentage is color additive. Each handle is stamped with a #2 recycling message and a commitment to sustainability. According to PakTech, #2 HDPE is the most universally recyclable consumer plastic.

Its continuing process of updating handle designs has allowed PakTech to remove material from its parts, and the new ‘nesting’ designs allow for an average of almost twice the handle pack-out per box. The sleeker designs save handle and freight cost while also reducing secondary packaging materials.

In addition to virgin HDPE, PakTech is in the process of transitioning to Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) HDPE. The PCR material used is nearly identical in properties to the virgin material but has additional environmental benefits. The production of PCR material utilizes:

• 90% less energy.

• 78% less Greenhouse gas emissions

• 100% less petroleum