Mettler Toledo ( has recently released a video series on weighing technology tailored for machine and instrument manufacturers. They show how weighing components can be integrated easily into their devices. The videos point out how modularization ultimately saves manufacturers time and money and prevents headaches during installation.

Each brief video helps prospective users visualize how Mettler Toledo supports manufacturers’ strategy of modularization by providing both standardization and flexibility. This approach solves a common dilemma for machine and instrument manufacturers. Many of their customers are on a budget, yet require customized solutions. Most manufacturers solve this problem by designing standardized modules used to build customized solutions. Mettler Toledo offers standardization with the flexibility users need—all without the budget required for custom solutions.

The new video series shows that these three Mettler Toledo weighing components for machine and instrument builders were engineered with easy integration and installation in mind. High-resolution WMS weigh modules are compact and offer new solutions for weight-based filling and completeness control. The versatile IND131-331 weight transmitter/terminal negotiates environmental impacts with its dedicated housings for different applications. Finally, the PinMount compression weigh modules for tanks, hoppers, silos and conveyors are safe, economical and easy to install.

Watch the videos to learn more about the flexibility of Mettler Toledo weighing components at