When it comes to ensuring safe products on high-speed lines at fast-paced pharmaceutical, packaging and food processing plants, Anritsu’s (www.detectionperfection.com) Dual Wave H provides the highest Metal Detection technology in the industry. Multiple frequencies are built in so you can run two frequencies simultaneously to maximize detection of ferrous and stainless metals independent of each other. This is the only system in the industry to deliver this dual wave solution.

Featuring the industry’s first simultaneous, two-frequency magnetic field detecting method, the Anritsu Dual Wave H Metal Detection System features unique sensing technology, such as auto-setting algorithm and tracking functions. For frozen, wet or bulk products, the phase-tracking function works on an individual product to maintain a stable detection operation. Enhanced, maximum sensitivity to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals assures effective and consistent contamination detection.

In addition to featuring exclusive Dual Wave and H technology, other system benefits include improved product quality due to efficient detection, better line performance without fear of jam-ups or breakdowns due to metal contamination damaging conveyor lines or equipment, detection of smaller metal fragments compared to competing technology, plus easy cleaning and maintenance are assured by the system’s worker-friendly design.

To assure easy detection management of the system, the estimated sensitivity to ferrous and stainless steel is displayed to allow system operators to check detection sensitivity against the test piece. The conveyor belt speed can be individually selected by product type, and change of belt speed can be made without having to conduct any modifications. Changing the setting to adapt to the direction of flow due to relocation or a production line layout change is a fast and easy process. Supply voltage ranging from 100 to 120 V/220 to 240 V (AC) means installation of the system can be made anywhere on-line.

“Anritsu’s Dual Wave H Metal Detection technology was created to provide maximum and consistent protection against metal contamination in fast-moving pharmaceutical, packaging and food processing operations,” says Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA.“In recent years, product safety has ratcheted up significantly in importance amongst customers and consumers alike. This cutting-edge technology offers Operations, QA/QC Managers the peace of mind they deserve in providing the safest products possible for their customers.”