Daily's Cocktails, a collection of 13 single-serve, ready-to-drink favorites re-dressed in shiny silver polyfoil 10-ounce pouches adorned with new tantalizing drink shots and flavorful fruit images redesigned by the Biondo Group (www.biondogroup.com), are now reaching retailers nationwide. 

Daily's Cocktails pouches feature a new hang-ready pouch and easy-open notched top, feature a redesigned 'brand mark' and updated logo. They are available in three pre-mixed categories (13 SKUs): Classics (Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Peach Daiquiri, Pomegranate Acai Margarita and Lemonade), Light, one third less calories (new Mango Passion Fruit, Strawberry Margarita, Margarita and Pink Lemonade); and new Tropicals (Pina Colada, Hurricane, Bahama Mama, and Blue Hawaiian).

Historically, the American Beverage Corporation (ABC) Daily's division was known for its fruit mixers. But in 2011 Daily's ready-to-drink frozen cocktails skyrocketed in popularity as freeze-and-drink pouches became "the next big thing," positioning Daily's as a leading provider of pre-mixed cocktails. Noticing the overnight success of pouches, competitors aggressively entered the market compelling Daily's to maintain its leadership position through an accelerated marketing /advertising campaign that significantly increased brand awareness.

Given the importance of the Daily's Cocktail brand to ABC's revenue growth, company management called on The Biondo Group, which has worked on the brand since 2006, to revisit the brand image of Daily's packaging graphics across the entire brand. "Daily's brand persona needed an update to remain contemporary and appealing to their consumers while expanding the market," says Charles Biondo, president, The Biondo Group. "Many elements contribute to the visual appeal of Daily's RTD drinks: A drink shot you'd like to sip on the spot, the familiar Daily's name, vibrant flavor colors and legible product names all work synergistically to deliver the image of a delicious drink without the fuss." 

The new branding system presents Daily's Cocktails consistently across all three RTD product segments. Each RTD pouch features fresh fruit photography at the top and bottom against a contrasting color-coded background (i.e., blue for lemonade, bright peach for peach, etc.) that visually enhances appetite appeal. The main body of the package is white, which has the effect of further popping the flavor name.

"The brand name is locked in with 'Cocktails' in a color bar that ties in with the flavor, making this element a very effective mnemonic device in promoting Daily's cocktails," says Biondo.

Flavor color-coordinated bars with "Cocktails" under the brandmark are used to define each product segment, e.g., teal for Tropicals and fruit colors for Classics and Lights. "Rather than scrap the existing design, American Beverage wanted an evolutionary approach in positioning Daily's as the brand that consumers can rely on for a refreshing and convenient cocktail. There's a Daily's cocktail for every occasion and a solid branding system to unite and support the brand," adds Biondo.