Opal Nera, a sambuca-based dark liqueur, was created by family run Distillerie Francoli back in the 1980s, achieving great success globally. However, as competitor brands started to appear, its popularity was affected. 

The distillery approached Denomination to help address this, and to create a modern, luxe look and feel ahead of an international push to re-establish it as the premier product of its kind on the market.

Opal Nera is made from 10 ingredients including elderberries, which give it its unique purple hue. The brand needed to reclaim pole position on shelf in pubs and clubs. So the Denomination team was challenged to create a design that looked at home in trendy inner-city bars,while retaining existing consumers and attracting new people to the brand.   

Keeping the classic bottle, Denomination has made Opal Nera relevant to the modern consumer, while also tapping into an explosion in the popularity of Insta-worthy liqueurs and aperitifs.