Earlier this year, Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the world’s largest brewing groups, launched three new premium Beck’s beers. “Pale Ale”, “1873 Pils”, and “Amber Lager”.

Beck’s is one of the group’s most successful brands in Germany and their new launch required a unique appearance.

Constantia Flexibles (cflex.com) Labels Division supported the relaunch with rotrogravure printed paper labels incorporating UV mark recognition. All 3 labels are printed on highly refined white paper to attract the customer’s attention. The marketing team were also keen to use a varnish that produces a matt gloss effect, giving the bottle a premium appearance.

Additionally, the paper neck labels are equipped with another special varnish that simplifies the handling of returnable empties by UV mark recognition. The letterings “full-bodied and hoppy”, “aromatic and smooth”, or “traditionally fresh” brightly pop up on the different beer types in different colors.

Beck’s is a popular brand and this contemporary, attractive bottle will be one the consumer will want to be seen with.