Braman Brands is built on a tradition of excellence, traced back to founder Joe Braman's unique talent for pairing culinary delights with exceptional wines, a skill noticed and nurtured by his grandmother, Mary O'Connor Braman. Joe Braman knew that those same talents applied to beer, thus the launch of five new Running Walker craft beers: IPA, Stout, Pilsner, Kolsch and Texas Secession.

Braman describes the new beers as the result of raising the bar on quality across the craft beer category. "Each beer here is unique," he says. "We use the highest quality ingredients. They are not just crafted, but 'hand-crafted' to yield the best possible product. We take our time on each brew, never rushing the process, so that our customers get a great craft beer experience with every can."

Braman Brands is proud to introduce a new line of craft beer products in beverage cans by Ardagh Group ( The cans protect beverage quality and integrity as well as deliver a favorable drinking experience by cooling fast and remaining cold for a long period of time.

Braman cites an additional benefit. "My whole life has been about taking care of this bountiful land, so little things that help preserve the environment can become big things," he says. "Cans are recycled at a high rate, so we're committed to a long-term positive impact for our product and packaging."

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal, North American Beverage, says craft beer is a bright spot in the beverage market. "With customers like Joe Braman and his brand team choosing Ardagh to support their brand and their business, we remain excited about further potential in the fast-growing craft beer category," he says.

The new offerings from Braman Brands are currently available in the Houston, TX, area. Braman and his team cite that shipping to other locales is easier and more cost effective because cans ship and stack very efficiently. "We're excited about the possibilities of sharing our new beers with surrounding areas and we think there's plenty of room to grow in the craft beer arena when you have products genuinely based on quality and taste," he says.