Parsec Automation Corp. (, developer of TrakSYSTM Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software announces the release today of the latest version of TrakSYS: 8 R2.

Parsec's TrakSYS software provides a highly integrated application that helps manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilization and efficiency, increase capacity of the current capital equipment, reduce production costs, decrease lead time, and improve profitability. Numerous functions and features are included in TrakSYS 8 R2, as it continues to deliver solutions that positively impact the management of information, workflow, quality, materials, production execution, and regulatory compliance. Years of applied experience and the innovative technology of TrakSYS facilitate the seamless management of manufacturing operations and the measureable improvement of productivity by providing relevant information in real time for effective and multi-disciplined collaboration.

"We are committed to continuous technological innovation with specific focus on usability," says Eddy Azad, Parsec's CEO. "TrakSYS is a highly efficient and practical tool dedicated to improving the execution of manufacturing operations. The latest release of TrakSYS enhances the user experience - from the shop floor to the boardroom - in every facet of its broad functional spectrum through powerful information management capabilities. For example, it effectively leverages big data to deliver actionable and predictive analytics for optimized decision support."

TrakSYS 8 R2 is designed to handle enterprise-level information management with the robustness required of a mission critical application. It is developed in accordance with Parsec's strict quality management system to make it suitable for deployment in the regulated industries like life sciences. The real-time and transactional data management engines are optimized for handling very large volumes of data - not just for storage but also for highly contextualized information visualization, collaboration, and distribution.