TARA Dairy, the third-largest dairy brand in Israel, and its partner MÜLLER have chosen a Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) line by Arcil (arcil.fr) to increase the manufacturing capacity for yoghurt and desserts in the new factory in Netivot, Israel.

Engineering Vice-President at Tara, Ronnie Sitton says, "In conjunction with the design of the new factory, we strongly and urgently needed to expand our manufacturing capacity for yoghurt and desserts. We choose Arcil's FFS technology for the production flexibility it adds and the lower costs it involves in terms of materials.”

A premium conical cup for a premium product

Müller's product is a creamy fruit yoghurt packaged in conical, thermoformed cups. The label made with glossy coated paper is applied during production on the outsourced labeling station based on Arcil's patented rotary mold principle. The mixed-paper lid is heat-sealed before the packs are cut into four, which favors bulk buying on shelves for families or personal consumption.

The filler is integrated on the FFS machine by Dosil, Arcil's filling business unit. It can be sterilized on site (SIP- 3 bars at 130°C) and allows for quick production changes. 

The cups are then placed in a box by a Tecmapack boxing machine integrated by Synerlink, Arcil's engineering department. The efficiency of the line offers a production capacity of 20,000 cups/ph, including technical downtimes.

Key features:

  • Product: creamy stirred fruit yogurt
  • Tapered cups in PS
  • Conical label in glossy paper
  • Multipacks x4
  • 2 fillers SIP (3 bar @ 130°C)
  • Output 20,000 cups/hour
  • FFS machine with ultra-clean devices: decontamination of materials via UV system, Ionizator/extractor on the PS web and paper label, laminar flow hood on filling area.