AriZona Beverages brings ordinary water to life by giving customers the option to create their perfect beverage experience with their new Water Enhancers. Now you can give your everyday water a boost and your sparkling water an extra pop AriZona-style. All the flavor fans expect from a big can now comes in a small and convenient on-the-go squeeze bottle. Add as little or as much as your taste buds desire at zero calories per serving.

Never worry about being without your favorite AZ since these water enhancers come in seven of AriZona’s most popular flavors, customers can choose from: Lemon Tea, Mucho Mango, Fruit Punch, Peach Green Tea, Arnold Palmer Half & Half, Arnold Palmer Strawberry and Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade. Containing about 32 servings per 1.9-ounce package, this easy flip the cap and squeeze bottle allows you to become the master of your perfect balance of flavor.

AriZona makes sure to stay true to the brands original designs, making them easily identifiable on shelves. Perfect for toting around during your daily routine, AriZona Water Enhancers are available in 1.9 oz bottles with a suggested retail price of $2.99-$3.99. As with all AriZona products, the Water Enhancers are made with real juice and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Additionally, unlike much of the competition, AriZona Water Enhancers do not contain the chemical propylene glycol.