One of the fastest growing segments in the food and beverage business is specialty or craft beer – micro-breweries, brew-pubs and the home brewing market. The beer aficionado uses a flint-glass 64-ounce growler to take fresh draught beer from the tap and also to store the beer at home. Now, M. Jacob & Sons ( announces their new 64-ounce PET Growler in light amber as a substitute for the glass growler.

This is a major industry break-through: no glass breakage, modified grip for easy handling and pouring, and of course, a much lighter beer carrier. In addition, the amber color protects the beer from direct light penetration. The PET Growler can also be taken to places where glass is not allowed, including beaches, parks, lawn concerts and other outdoor venues.

 Unlike the glass versionthe Pet Growler allowsfor easier multi-pass deco due to the addition of the registration lugs on the base, and it can also be labeled. Samples are available by contacting the company.