The METTLER-TOLEDO ( CI-Vision Rigid Plastic Container Inspection (RPC) System is a precision system for the inspection of newly-manufactured plastic bottles and containers. The system inspects individual containers for manufacturing defects, including ovality, shoulder or thread malformation, base and gate formation, etc. It also inspects the body of each container for material inclusions or malformations that can lead to problems in filling and capping operations and/or unattractive shelf presence that can damage a customer’s brand image.

The precision machine vision system achieves proven results by utilizing multiple cameras and proprietary software to complete multiple inspections simultaneously. The system also changes over quickly to inspect new products. Changeover from a 25-ounce bottle to a 250-ounce bottle, for instance, involves only 5 touches on the HMI screen to select the proper part from the system library. The system then immediately adjusts conveyors, cameras and lights to predetermined optimum positions for that inspection.

Defective containers are inspected shortly after being formed, and defects removed from the production line before leaving the container manufacturing facility. The system can also be installed at the entry point to a filling line to inspect incoming empty containers.

The RPC System operates in an over-the-line housing that prevents ambient facility light from affecting inspection results.