Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Tosca Ltd. manages returnable container systems for clients in the dairy, fresh produce, beer, meat and poultry industries. Tosca provides full service to its many clients, renting all types of food and beverage containers as well as handling the repair, cleaning, tracking, logistics and management of the used containers. Tosca’s highly efficient container management system requires sturdy, reliable equipment to ensure both efficiency and sanitation of large numbers of containers.

Paxton bottle and canningRecently, Tosca approached one of Paxton Products’ regional distributors, JB Systems, for assistance in improving the drying system for its meat crates. After meat is unloaded at retail facilities, the crates in which the meat was delivered return to a Tosca facility for sanitation. The crates move through an industrial washer to remove debris and then to sanitize. After sanitizing, the crates then must be thoroughly dried—an important step since dryness both prevents mold and mildew and enables the crates to receive labels which identify the meat for delivery purposes. Tosca contacted Paxton’s distributor because their existing drying system was no longer producing the necessary levels of dryness. With the old, inadequate drying system, Tosca faced either delays in the container supply management cycle in order to re-dry the crates or the possibility of rejected crates due to labels not adhering.


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