“Spending money like water” usually means wasting money. Not so long ago, many companies spent money like water on water, and on other seemingly abundant commodities, like compressed air. The days of burying these expenses in overhead costs have ended. From small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, companies now strive to significantly reduce compressed air usage. Cutting down on compressed air usage cuts electricity costs and decreases capital costs for new compressors.

In the water shortage-plagued western U.S., an increasing number of industrial plants now implement water reduction programs. Even in other regions, industrial plant managers prioritize cutting the rising costs for water, water treatment and disposal.

To help packagers and processors meet these challenges, Paxton Products has developed two new products. One of these innovative new Paxton products, the Ionized Air System, provides a not only viable but superior alternative to compressed air. The second game-changing product, the PX-series Centrifugal Blower, not only surpasses other blowers in performance, but slashes energy usage.

Air rinsing/ static elimination

Since 2013, Paxton’s blower-driven Ionized Air System has enabled many beverage companies to phase out the use of compressed air ionizing nozzles for air rinsing. First, Paxton’s blower-driven Ionized Air System eliminates static, dust and dirt from bottles, cans and other surfaces with equal efficiency to compressed air. Then, Paxton’s high velocity air blasts contaminants away from critical surfaces, leaving containers and parts flawlessly clean.

Current applications include:

  • Rinsing of the inside of bottles and cans before filling for both high speed and low speed bottling and canning lines
  • Removing powdery dust from the exterior of plastic jars/bottles filled with protein powders and drink mixes
  • Removing dust, dirt, contaminants and lint from industrial parts and components prior to powder coating or finishing
  • Removing dust from laminate sheets, metal sheets other materials prior to rolling
  • Removing dust from auto bodies prior to finishing

Drying applications

Paxton has taken its well-known energy efficiency to a new level with its revolutionary new generation of industrial blowers, the recently launched PX-Series. These next generation blowers deliver more power while using less energy. Increased energy efficiency results in less wasted heat, as well as longer blower life. This game-changing new series of blowers provide enough power to replace other blowers with higher hp levels.

Paxton Products’ newest products, the PX-series high efficiency centrifugal blowers and the Ionized Air System, provide reliable performance, while improving sustainability, reducing energy usage and driving operating costs lower. These products continue the company’s long history of innovation, delivering in each era the technological advances necessary to help the industry thrive.


Cincinnati-based Paxton Products is a division of the Fortune 200 firm Illinois Tool Works (ITW). Paxton created the first high performance supercharger in the 1950s, enabling the racing industry to utilize engine speed and performance. During the 1970s energy crisis, Paxton reconfigured this air delivery technology for commercial purposes, creating the first centrifugal blower for industrial applications. Paxton has continued to keep pace with the air product needs of commercial and industrial facilities.

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