Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) 26th Annual Exposition in Seattle, WA.  The company received this recognition for their single serve coffee in a polypropylene cup. The prestigious People’s Choice Award is determined by experts in the coffee industry who vote during the conference. 

Intelligent Blends is a leading co-packer in the gourmet single serve market.  Recently they partnered with Printpack Rigid in order to offer the first coffee packaged in a polypropylene pod that is compatible with the commonly used Keurig® brewing system.

With a focus on creating innovative and sustainable packaging, Printpack developed a polypropylene pod with puncturability characteristics that rival the polystyrene pods currently used in this market. Why polypropylene? Polypropylene is more sustainable and friendlier to the environment.

Polypropylene, compared to polystyrene:

  • Recyclable – #5 recycle code
  • Thirty percent less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ten times the moisture barrier for longer shelf life and better product protection
  • Less expensive material