The Brand Union (, the WPP-owned brand strategy and design consultancy, continues to bolster its standing as a creative branding force, scoring its latest prestigious industry recognition. The branding expert’s recent dramatic redesign of The Absolut Company’s Frïs vodka bottle has earned the brand a 2012 Clear Choice Award from the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI). The bottle design, which resembles a large shard of ice (inspired by Frïs’ Nordic roots), was awarded first place in the distilled spirits category for innovative glass packaging and shelf impact.

“For this project, our goal was to craft visually stunning packaging that counterbalances the average, clear vodka bottle – resulting in a smoky gray, chiseled exterior that is both elegant and sleek,” says Richard Bates, chief creative officer of The Brand Union. “The design is crisp, refined and innovative – reflective of our approach to product design, which embraces the visually impactful and imaginative.”

The Clear Choice Awards celebrate manufacturers of consumer product goods using glass containers in innovative ways. The annual awards spotlight top packaging designs based on the following criteria: innovation, package design (including container label and closure) and consumer appeal. The award-winning design of the Frïs bottle exemplifies The Brand Union’s forward-thinking perspective on branding and further solidifies itscreative expertise.

Not only did the Frïs bottle design garner industry recognition, it proved a hit with the general public as well.  It was selected the winner of the People's Choice Competition via GPI's Facebook page.

 The Brand Union’s re-launch of the Frïs vodka bottle builds on its 30+ year relationship with the brand, creating a bottle that reflects the Frïs slogan: “Freeze Time. Seize Pure Moments.” Through its sleek design, the agency cleverly captured the characteristics of Frïs vodka – a distinctly cool, modern, crisp spirit.