Award winning dairy firm, Stapleton, has turned to Clondalkin Group company Chadwicks ( and its experience in pre-cut lids to manage its changeover from aluminium to plastic lidding across its entire range of yoghurt products.

Chadwicks will produce 17 different lid designs across four product ranges, as well as four designs for Stapleton's Dutch and Belgian ranges.

Beth Duncan, marketing and communications manager from Stapleton, explains: "Until recently - when a customer approached us requesting polyester lids - we'd always used aluminium lids on our products. We turned to Chadwicks for their technical expertise and experience of working with different types of lidding materials.

"We were so impressed with the end result, which was a high quality, aesthetically attractive product that we made the decision to move all our lids to polyester.

"The service we've received from Chadwicks has been outstanding. They have helped with modifications to our existing equipment, given us material advice on our pots, run test trials and advised on designs and colour to make the transition as seamless as possible."

Vicki Slater, customer care administrator at Chadwicks, says: "It's very important to us that we deliver excellent quality products for our customers which is why we spend time in the development stage supporting clients to make sure we deliver exactly what they need. Changing material is a significant investment for a customer and we aim to help them every step of the way.

"We're delighted to be working with Stapleton and we're looking forward to working on the rest of their range over the coming months."