Honest Tea, the top-selling organic bottled tea in the U.S., is refreshing its glass-bottled tea beverage line to deepen and broaden the brand’s mission and impact.

Fair Trade Certified™ Sugar: All of the varieties sweetened with organic sugar will now be sweetened with Fair Trade Certified, organic sugar to complement the organic and fair trade teas already being used.

1% for the Planet: The labels will feature the product line’s new membership in “1% for the Planet,” which commits Honest Tea to contribute the equivalent of at least one percent of the product line’s annual sales to organizations working toward positive environmental change.

New label graphics: Honest Tea’s glass-bottled labels are being updated to bring to life the images and inspiration behind each tea variety, as well as link more closely to the broader Honest beverage portfolio. Some of the major changes include highlighting the visuals showcased in the brand’s iconic “T” and introducing a new brand logo that will be used across all Honest beverages.

New variety: Radiant Raspberry Tea – Fair Trade Certified, organic black tea from Southern India, is mixed with organic raspberry juice, blackberry leaves, and other ingredients, and sweetened with Fair Trade Certified organic cane sugar.

“Our glass-bottled line continues to be the top- selling bottled tea in the natural channel, and even as we’re having our best sales years to date, we felt now was the time to double-down on our mission” says co-founder & TeaEO Seth Goldman.

Fair trade premiums for the organic cane sugar help fund community development projects in Paraguay chosen by farmers, including healthcare services, farming equipment, higher-quality schools, and microloans.  Honest Tea was the first company to introduce a Fair Trade Certified bottled tea in 2003, and all of Honest Tea’s tea varieties have used Fair Trade Certified tea leaves since 2011.  In anticipation of the move to Fair Trade Certified organic sugar, Goldman went to Paraguay earlier this year to meet with Fair Trade sugar farmers.

In conjunction with Honest Tea’s partnership with “1% for the Planet,” the organization’s logo now appears prominently on the back panel. In 2013, non-profit organizations benefiting from Honest Tea’s contributions include Fair Trade USA, National Parks Foundation, FoodCorps, Bethesda Green, and Trees For The Future, among others.

“We are thrilled to make the switch to Fair Trade Certified sugar and sign on with 1% for the Planet,” says Goldman. “To mark the occasion, for the first time in 16 years, we (nervously) took steps to refresh the look of our much-loved glass line. We surprised ourselves with the new label design – a fun, eye-catching way to expand on our story.”

Inspired by the brand’s first bottles from 1998, the labels were designed in-house using the iconic “T” imagery as a starting point. The artwas developed in collaboration with an oil painterand expanded around the label for an artistic interpretation of each variety’s origin and spirit. The colorful frames surround a new off-white parchment background.

Radiant Raspberry Tea, the newest “just a tad sweet” beverage, is 60 calories per bottle and will be available at natural and specialty grocers throughout the country starting in October 2014.