Performa360™ is a new line of Service, Training and Performance Assurance programs from Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, Inc. ( to assure the performance of your equipment after installation. No other company provides better support, experience and technology to advance your quality control and product safety. The company has designed basic and advanced programs to cover all areas of operations, maintenance and quality training. Training options include on-site training, plus more advanced courses available at our Learning Center.

Performa360 is the final Performance phase of Anritsu’s proprietary Detection360™ process, which comes into play following the Discovery, Mapping and Integration Phases. During this fourth and final phase, we can help you protect and assure the performance of your Anritsu X-Ray, Checkweigher and/or Metal Detection equipment and technology to make sure each inspection machine operates at peak performance. We will support you with user training and safety programs, helping you to produce the highest-quality products. Since our technology puts the control in your hands, it’s our goal to train your organization so you are positioned to achieve the best equipment performance possible.

Our trainers provide on-site training to educate users on all key information that will help them properly operate your production line. Advanced education on the theory, use and operation of your system ensures that every member of your team has the information they need to properly operate your equipment.

“When it comes to providing impeccable service, we’re by your side through the installation and setup. To guarantee your continued performance we offer a wide variety of ongoing service offerings, including preventative maintenance, spare parts and kits, on-site repair, an annual maintenance packages to help you maximize the uptime of your equipment,” says Erik Brainard, President and CEO of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, Inc. “Our expert technical service team is ready to perform on-site facility maintenance on any of our equipment for you. We also offer immediate response maintenance programs to keep your line up and running at optimum efficiency. We are on the job 24/7/365.”

 Since the consistent, maximum performance of your equipment is what keeps your business running smoothly, we can help you customize and tune your equipment to get the best performance possible. We have created programs for instrument and process optimization, qualification, validation, testing and many more offerings to ensure your equipment continues to run at peak efficiency. Our turnkey services help you reduce risk and increase efficiency while ensuring product safety and advancing overall product quality.