Lachenmeier (, a leading manufacturer of stretch hood equipment, film and shrink wrapping machines, is exhibiting at the 2014 TAPPI/AICC Corrugated Week Show in Long Beach, CA at Booth #451. The company will showcase its patent pending Xeros® stretch hood film. Ideal for wrapping corrugated produce boxes, Xeros optimally protects products from the outdoor elements and prevents condensation from forming inside the bag. In addition, Lachenmeier will highlight its patented application system that helps manufacturers optimally protect pallet loads while simultaneously reducing film usage 10-25%.

“With the increased market demands on food safety, agricultural processing companies and growers request produce boxes are wrapped in stretch bags that eliminate the risk for condensation to form which could result in mold and other related food safety hazards,” says Thomas Petersen, global sales director, Lachenmeier. “Xeros is the first film of its kind to offer complete, 10-sided protection- keeping both the inside and outside layers of the load free from condensation, dust and other contaminates from entering.”

The Xeros film technology utilizes a combination of proprietary features to effectively manage sunlight. Aside from eliminating condensation and unwanted elements from entering the bag, the technology also maintains barcode readability. “Customers who have incorporated Xeros into their box plant have reported reduced warranty claims from wet boxes and increased customer support,” says Petersen.

Lachenmeier’s 10-sided waterproof system further provides an ideal shield for outdoor storage and eliminates the need to use tarp when shipping on flatbed trucks. The Multi Flex XL stretch hood machines are also designed with tremendous flexibility and speed. It can be fitted with four different film sizes to provide the ability to wrap multiple size loads on the fly. In addition, the Multi Flex XL wraps up to 180+ loads per hour and can improve overall line performance up to 10% when switching to a Lachenmeier bagger.

“For attendees looking to improve their pallet wrapping system while simultaneously gaining greater load protection, our booth is worth a visit,” says Petersen.