In continuing efforts to develop packaging that meets the needs of brands, retailers and consumers, Georgia-Pacific Corrugated (, a leading manufacturer and marketer of corrugated packaging, recently introduced the launch of its latest advancement, Brand Ready Packaging®(BRP). Developed through extensive research in collaboration with Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute®,BRP employs a series of significant enhancements proven to drive consumer purchase intent, enhance the shopper’s experience and ultimately increase sales over industry-standard retail ready packaging options.

Developed to respond to the evolving needs of brand owners, consumers and retailers, Brand Ready Packaging from Georgia-Pacific Corrugated uses the company’s forward-thinking design process, exacting production techniques and proprietary consumer insightsto provide a packaging solution that helps communicate a brand's story by maximizing the effectiveness of in-store secondary packaging. Now launching formally, BRP has already achieved and exceeded that goal, while making the consumer shopping experience easier and actively influencing the critical in-store consumer moment of choice. Results of focus group testing and validation efforts reported that more than 80 percent of those tested said BRP makes it easier to find products on store shelves, and four out of five reported that they prefer BRP because it is organized and easier to access.

“With the initial Brand Ready Packaging concept, we knew there was great potential to go beyond what brand owners, consumers and retailers were currently getting from the retail experience — especially in the areas of consumer impressions, brand impact and speed-to-purchase,” says Todd Ayers, commercial director for consumer packaging at Georgia-Pacific Corrugated.“The opportunity cost in not achieving excellence in those areas is tremendous.In the most basic terms, BRP revolves around the path-to-purchase model to help consumers find and select brands. But even wewere astounded by the results delivered after testing and validating the effectiveness and efficiency of this now-proven solution. For example, nine out of 10 consumers in our focus group showed a strong preference for shopping on a shelf of BRP over a standard stocked shelf. We’re proud to deliver this packaging innovation that so clearly benefits our customers — and theirs.”

Key BRP differentiators include two collaborative design innovations from Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute, which uses a proven five-step process to guide ideation, product development and design. The first key differentiator is found in the company’s Clean and Easy-Perf™ perforation solution, proven to strengthen the ability of the package to stand up to the supply chain and bolster shelf presence, through smarter, stronger, more organized, appeal-proven displays. In addition, Clean and Easy-Perf saves retailers significant time and money by allowing products to go from the truck to the shelf in one swift motion —requiring minimal resources for product unpacking, set-up and arranging. This packaging advancement works in tandem with the company’s Color-Box®capability, to deliver the second prime differentiator: high-graphics packaging solutions designed to simplify adoption of a secondary packaging solution to instantly and powerfully communicate a brand’s story.

Working in collaboration with its clients, Georgia-Pacific’s custom Brand Ready Packaging solutions deliver high-quality appearance, real merchandising functionality and on-shelf brand impact capable of increasing brand preference, while meeting the demands of retail ready packaging requirements from retailers.