Domino Digital Printing ( has developed Textures by Domino, a new unique ink jet capability of the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press that allows label printers to produce visually striking, digitally textured labels that enhance shelf presence and make brand owners’ products stand out from the crowd. Ideal for a variety of sectors – including wine, beer, and cosmetics and beauty, this technique represents a cost-effective way to create labels with high visual and “feel appeal” that also help to maximize customer engagement.

Consumers don’t just use their eyes when making purchasing decisions – they use the sense of touch as well. Research has shown that a brand’s impact increases by 30% when more than one sense is engaged in the packaging design. The textured-printed labels not only capture consumer attention, but more importantly encourage them to take the product off the shelf. 

‘Textures by Domino’ is a print solution which digitally creates tactile, three-dimensional textured images. This adds yet another capability to digital printing that provides added value to both label printers and brand owners. It is no longer just about producing short and medium length production runs efficiently, it is also about enabling innovative value-add design capability. An endless selection of textured effects can be created using the Domino ink jet printing technology.

Brands and creative agencies can produce distinctive, high-impact labels that ensure maximum shelf appeal, whether it’s a beer bottle in a bar display or a shampoo bottle on a retail point-of-sale. 

For example, for craft brewers, a raised, grainy effect label could be created to reflect the earthy nature of brewing or an eye-catching metallic label to enable the beer bottle to stand out in a bar display. A ‘premium’ feel can be created on a wine bottle using digital textured effects across the label simulating conventional textured papers, thereby adding value to the brand. 

For the cosmetics sector, premium and high gloss effects can be created to increase the shelf appeal of beauty products. It is these stylish ‘touches’ which add value to the packaging design. And the beauty of this process is that it can also be applied to synthetic materials, which is unique. 

The global luxury packaging market is predicted to grow by 4.4% per annum over the next three years, which means that brand owners are constantly searching for innovative packaging designs that will ensure their products stand out in a highly competitive market.

With ‘Textures by Domino’, brand owners can have an affordable solution that is as agile and flexible as the creative process that goes into the design of their labels, and is only limited by their imagination.