Meheen Manufacturing, Inc. ( is pleased to announce the launch of its new bottle labeling technology, the Meheen ML Bottle Labeler. Now Meheen can provide its customers a complete line of bottle packaging technology from rinsing and filling to crowing and labeling. The Meheen ML Bottle Labeler is offered as part of a Complete Turnkey System or can be supplied as a Stand-Alone Labeler for pre or post fill bottle labeling applications. The Meheen ML Bottle Labeler can apply full wrap, front only, and front and back labels.

“Meheen is now positioned to be a one stop outlet for the craft beverage producer. We take the hassle away from sourcing different bottle packaging technology from various suppliers”, says Dean Hornsby, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Meheen Manufacturing, Inc. “The label-in-position rotary application method is what makes the Meheen ML Bottle Labeler different compared to conventional wrap belt bottle labelers. This method ensures accurate label placement on bottles whether they are dry, cold, or wet”, says Hornsby.

Meheen has over a 20-year history serving the craft beverage industry with its bottling and carbonation technologies. Meheen has been working side-by-side with the pioneers in the craft beer industry and understands the requirements set out by the brewers for bottling excellence. While taste is subjective, consistent quality of product from one batch to the next is essential in the craft beverage business. Meheen provides the right bottling and carbonation technologies that become the quality control of your product. Now with the Meheen ML Bottle Labeler, you are in control of the entire product brand quality and presentation.