JLS Automation (jlsautomation.com) will launched its latest subset of PIVT™ (Package Integrity Validation Technologies) system last year. This innovative collection of technologies utilizes vacuum, vision and other sensor technologies to detect seal contamination, leaks and pinholes that lead to the loss of package integrity. The particular technology or technologies implemented is highly dependent on the nature of the package. PIVT™, which will be demonstrated on JLS’ Osprey robotic case packer, can detect leaks at high speeds and is ideal for packages that contain a brine or juice such as hot dogs, sliced luncheon meats, and sausages. Future iterations are targeted at cheese and bacon packages. This enabling technology allows a robot to identify a leaky package, at line speeds of up to 160 packages/min, and reject it. ROI is accelerated as a result of increased productivity, labor savings and ability to get more salable packages out the door in a shorter period. “PIVT™ is a game changer,” states Craig Souser, president/CEO. “High-speed leak detection has typically been a challenge on an automated case packing system. With the first installation of

 PIVT™ on an Osprey case packer, our customer has already gained a 30% increase in productivity with a 67% reduction in packaging line labor.”