Thirty candles, a comic book and three exhibitions in Italy, the US and Germany. This is the way MB Conveyors ( is celebrating, this year, an important anniversary, a milestone in the path begun back in 1985 and which still has many pages to fill in the future. The company based in Brogliano, in Vicenza, is a well-known designer and manufacturer of made-in-Italy conveyor belts and auxiliary machinery for the plastics processing industry; machines that are today sold in over 60 countries worldwide, and widely recognized as an excellence in the field.

The first event of this important year will be NPE 2015, the International Plastics Showcase – one of the world’s most important trade shows for the plastics industry, to which MB Conveyors will take part for the first time. The approach the North & Central America market will be focused on their flagship products dedicated to the plastics industry, such as top quality belt conveyors, sprue separators, and storage devices, intended to provide a sample of the most flexible range of solutions to optimize operations besides IMM.

The celebrations will then be officially inaugurated with an event during PLAST 2015 in Milan, May 5 to 9, the historic Italian plastics trade fair that allowed to show to the public the technical evolution of MB from the very beginning: this year again, a sample of the wide range of construction possibilities of the company will be on display, with a particular focus, for this edition, on customized industrial automation systems.

In particular, alongside the "best-selling" products, MB will show two latest generation storage systems, complete with the most advanced devices for weighing and process optimization filling. These systems are highly customizable to suit different customer requirements and allow to exploit in the most effective and efficient way the available space, which is always a critical issue in production sites, while at the same time considerably increasing the autonomy besides the IMM.

Moreover, with this type of solutions, it is possible to optimize both the accuracy of the piece counting per each container, thanks to the high-precision weighing, and the efficiency in the filling of containers, by means of oscillating and vibrating devices that allow to exploit all the available volume, while minimizing the empty spaces.

In these applications will also be used, for the first time, a new model of compact conveyor, the "T90" model: a product of technical conception and industrial design, designed and developed by MB, specially thought for the insertion in complex automation structures.

The year will then close with the Fakuma show in Germany, an unmissable rendez-vous for all the most important players of the European plastics industry.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, finally, the Pantone 320 green - the distinctive color of MB Conveyors - will color the pages of a comic book, "Mr. Convy and the time-travelling conveyor", through which the owners Gianpietro Baldisserotto and Giordano Molon wanted to tell in an original and fun way to their customers and to all people involved in MB’s world, what an adventure it was to give birth to a company from scratch and then bring it to an international level.

The main character of the comic book is Mr. Convy, MB’s mascot: he will accompany the reader through the history of the company, from the idea of the two 30-year-old partners to set up their own business, to the technical turning points – like the debut in the PET sector with the first Soft Drop devices (which are now among MB’s flagship products)- , until the answers that MB has given over the years to the ever-changing needs of the plastics industry; all this by means of a scifictional conveyor that can go beyond the limits of space and time, as if to represent the vision of the company which has always been oriented towards the future and to overcoming the limits.

 "It would not have been possible to achieve this milestone without the support of all those who believed in our project: our families, friends and customers in the first place" comments Mr. Baldisserotto, Commercial Director and founder of the company together with Mr. Molon. "But we also continue to look forward: we are now investing resources to expand both our market, with particular attention to the overseas countries, and our internal expertise, to be ever more ready to respond to the challenges that our customers' needs and technological development confront us every day."