The latest addition to the METTLER TOLEDO ( CI-Vision portfolio is the newly developed Label Check Station (LCS), which prints and verifies labels automatically. Food manufacturers can use the LCS to print high-quality, product-specific labels at a rate of up to 500 per minute. The Label Check Station integrates into existing production lines and is also available as a compact table-top solution.  

Food production companies understand just how important it is to optimize the efficiency of their production lines so as to maintain a competitive position in the industry. With the new Label Check Station from METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision, manufacturers can print labels which provide batch or other product-specific information and comply with all applicable standards, without sacrificing high throughput rates or system availability. 

Features of the new Label Check Station (LCS) include:

  • Print and check in a single step: The Label Check Station prints and checks up to 500 labels per minute. The system combines a printing module with a high-resolution camera and a reject system for faulty labels. The printing module contains a thermal transfer printer which applies high-contrast ink to every label with outstanding precision. This ensures mandatory information such as the use-by date, provenance, list of ingredients, allergens, and much more is communicated reliably to the customer. Once the labels are printed, a high-resolution camera checks them for quality factors such as legibility and completeness. This allows manufacturers to determine any deviations from the specified quality.
  • No recalls: The Label Check Station processes a multitude of different label formats and automatically adjusts to the current line speed as necessary. The LCS helps food manufacturers to implement the specifications contained in the “Lebensmittel-Informationsverordnung” (“Food Information Regulation”; LMIV) and prevents incorrect or illegible labels from getting into circulation. This protects manufacturers from the threat of contractual penalties or even costly product recalls due to incorrect labelling. 
  • Compact table-top version: The robust housing, which has a steel-tube frame, protects all components from dust and contamination and has two large doors to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance work. The LCS is also available as a space-saving, manual table-top solution – the LCS-C. This version is ideal for manufacturers with small numbers of batches, or for use in laboratory environments where manual packaging processes are required. 

“Our new Label Check Station has been systematically designed to ensure durability and efficiency in operation,” explains Reinhold van Ackeren, head of Marketing & Product Management at METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision. “The LCS allows food manufacturers to optimize the implementation of their labelling obligations without having an unnecessary impact on the production process.”