Combination filling systems use two or more fillers to fill multiple ingredients into a single container. They come in a variety of designs to meet the wide range of multi-component products. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery offers several combination fillers to meet various production needs and line configurations.

Servo motors are incorporated to give optimal control while maintaining a reduced mounting profile. A single electrical cabinet houses the PLC based electrical system. A single operator interface touch screen controls the machine. Both fillers are secured to a single mounting platform for integration on the automatic bag making equipment.

1. Cup and Auger: Used to fill products that contain a particulate and a powder.
Perfect for: soup mixes, stuffing mixes, rice and spice meals, beans and spice meals and dessert mixes.
2. Auger and Auger: Used to fill two powdered products into one container; can be timed to fill simultaneously for a blended mix or sequentially to let one ingredient rest on top.
Perfect for: applications with a powdered premix and a powdered main ingredient; like instant potatoes.
3. Cup/Auger/Cup: Used to fill one powder and two particulate products in one container.
Perfect for: instant oatmeal packs or cups; which would include oats, a powdered premix and dried fruit.
4. Auger or Cup/Combination Scale: A separate auger of cup filler is used to add a single ingredient into another product that is being filled using a combination scale.

Perfect for: adding a seasoning to a crouton product; adding an expensive candy to a trail mix; or adding nuts to a cereal where the main line needs to be protected from a potential allergen (like peanuts and tree nuts).