With 56 locations across North America, the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) supply chain provides hundreds of packaging experts in industrial packaging to bring the right solutions to each customer. PDA customizes results for companies with multiple locations allowing for improved negotiations, using regional and national pricing, while still maintaining local support.

All PDA members share resources and expertise through a wide variety of packaging principles in order to gain a competitive advantage with customers by optimizing productivity and savings. The cooperation and coordination amongst PDA members is seamless and user friendly. 

PDA members offer custom design solutions in Corrugated Boxes, Protective Packaging and Flexible Packaging. Additionally, each member stocks thousands of packaging products available for local, regional and national delivery. Thousands of carton sizes, stretch wrap rolls in different gauges, poly bags, janitorial products and more are stocked for the convenience of PDA customers. Packaging equipment is also available. The PDA Service Departments are staffed with highly trained technicians for the necessary service and maintenance of equipment.

PDA and its members work with customers to provide a customized solution for their unique packaging, shipping and production needs. Every company deserves more than the limited experience of purchasing products from volume-based lists with predetermined pricing. PDA tailors pricing and products to the specific needs of each PDA member. To learn more about PDA and its member services, visit the PDA website www.pdachain.com