Steuben Foods’ new Elmhurst Naturals brand is set to launch its first product: Banana Water. Banana Water is a light and refreshing hydration beverage packed with electrolytes. Formulated with all natural banana juice concentrate, Banana Water delivers on a clean label and provides the rich nutritional benefits you would expect from a good-for-you water.

Bananas are a super food, full of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Packed with potassium, bananas fuel the body and keep you hydrated. We love bananas so
much we bottled all their goodness to create a nutritious and delicious beverage without the messy peel. Each bottle of Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water contains the potassium equivalent of two medium sized bananas!

Banana Water marks a significant innovation within the growing bottled water category. “Water doesn’t have to be a commodity anymore,” says Stacey Inglis, senior
vice president of marketing for Steuben Foods. “The landscape is changing. People are getting bored with water to some degree. They don’t just want ‘water’ – they want water that has some kind of special value beyond what you get from the tap.

“We looked at carbonated, natural, spring, mineral” says Inglis. “It seemed as though that had all been done. Then we looked at flavored. Coconut Water is the
big player right now, but is such a polarizing flavor. We asked ourselves, ‘Where do refreshment, nutrition and taste meet?’ It was like a light bulb went on – bananas, of course!”

Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water is an RTD product being launched in 12 fl oz aseptic bottles. It will be available at retail grocery in three hydrating flavors: Original,
Passion Fruit and Mango, with an S.R.P. of between $1.99 - $2.69.

Elmhurst Naturals will follow Banana Water with a second product in early Fall, so stay tuned.