US demand for pet food packaging is expected to rise 4.8 percent annually to $2.5 billion in 2018. Growth will be based on the use of higher-value, more sophisticated packaging and continued strength in pet food shipments fueled by an expected rebound in the pet population.

The proliferation of premium pet food brands providing healthier, more nutritious alternatives (corresponding to the continuing humanization of pets by their owners) also will spur packaging demand growth, as higher quality bags, pouches, and rigid containers will be required.

As with other food categories, plastic pouches will be the primary beneficiary of the trend toward more advanced pet food packaging. Pouch demand in pet food packaging is forecast to rise 8.3 percent per annum to $540 million in 2018, the fastest pace of growth among pet food packaging types. For wet food, retort pouches will continue to gain acceptance as an alternative to metal cans, especially in applications where strength and stiffness are not primary factors.

Demand for tubs and cups will benefit from the need for convenience features and light weight in pet food packaging.

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