Auntie Dolores ( is an artisan, gourmet cannabis edible company with a vast line of products. All Auntie Dolores products, such as the savory pretzels, glazed pecans and caramel corn, clearly display dosage information and are housed in beautiful branded packaging designed for freshness and safety, beyond the requirements of current law. The small snacks are also unique because they give customers greater control over the amount of the doses they take. The company believes that ingredients and packaging should contribute to environmental sustainability.

“We do our part to eliminate waste and work with environmentally conscious suppliers. Our product canisters are recyclable or can be creatively upcycled (reused),” says the company website. 

Auntie Dolores is a well-known marijuana edibles brand that’s sold throughout California and cares deeply about educating their customers, leading the industry in safe packaging and promoting personal health management.