Multisorb Technologies ( will be participating at TecnoCarne, São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in Brazil, August 11 - August 13, 2015. Multisorb will be highlighting its active packaging solutions for fresh and processed meat applications.

As a result of the expanding markets in this region, both fresh and processed meat processors are seeking ways to extend shelf life to meet consumer demand. They are also looking to increase the geographic distribution of their products and improve the hygiene aspects of providing fresh and safe meat products to retailers and consumers. For over 50 years, Multisorb Technologies has helped manufacturers overcome these challenges by offering cost effective sorbent solutions for managing spoilage and reducing shrink by extending the shelf life of fresh and processed meats. 

Oxygen is the main cause of reduced shelf life for fresh meat, and after a few days of exposure to the oxygen content of air, meat loses its freshness, taste, and visual appeal. By using Multisorb's proprietary oxygen absorbing systems, meat processors can inhibit the growth of spoilage organisms – gaining up to 21 days of extended shelf life for a variety of case-ready meats including whole muscle beef, ground beef, pork, lamb, veal, kabobs, and other value-added meats. 

Oxidation of moist and semi-moist processed meats such as sliced deli meats, pepperoni and beef jerky can result in spoilage, mold growth, rancidity, and loss of color and flavor quality. With Multisorb's optimized sorbent solutions, processors can better control oxygen and/or moisture in packaging, extending product quality and shelf life. As an innovative industry leader, Multisorb continually develops new technologies to meet market demands and works closely with processors to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of their product. An example of a new innovation is JerkyFresh®, a sorbent solution specifically designed to retain the quality and increase longevity of jerky products. 

Samples of the JerkyFresh sorbent product along with other oxygen absorbing sorbents will be on display. To see these products firsthand and learn more, visit Multisorb at booth # 036C, aisle C. Our technical experts will gladly answer all of your questions.