Harpak-ULMA (harpak-ulma.com) announced that ULMA Packaging has made several design improvements to its SIENNA flow pack wrapper, resulting in higher levels of performance. These enhancements to the machine make it a very attractive packaging solution for a variety of market sectors.

One of the most notable improvements is the redesign of the cross sealing jaw station. The new system contributes more robustness and stability, which allows for increased speed of motion. The new sealing head design can easily achieve speeds of up to 75 packs/min which provides an increase in productivity of between 20% and 25%.

Another upgrade is the new operator interface incorporated within the wrapper. Also developed by ULMA, the new HMI has an embedded industrial PC which improves accuracy through precise control of the axes of motion and movements resulting in higher packaging speeds.

These improvements are the result of ULMA’s continual effort to increase machine performance and develop optimal solutions to customers’ packaging needs.