Syntegon Technology has launched the next generation of flow wrappers on the North American market – the Pack 202. As the successor of the Pack 201, the machine is a fully automated horizontal flow wrapping machine for low to medium speeds.

With the Pack 202, manufacturers benefit from a number of technological advances that were first introduced on the new Pack 403 last year, including an easily removable discharge belt, upgrades to the cross-seal and fin seal units, and a highly intuitive, user-centered design. The Pack 202 is designed to produce up to 300 ppm at a film speed of 50 meters.

Supported pack styles include pillow, gusseted and easy-to-open packs. The machine can wrap individual or grouped products including bakery goods, bars, fresh and frozen products, confectionery, snacks, medical products, prepared foods, household goods and other food and non-food items. Syntegon has equipped the Pack 202 in North America with a standard 450-millimeter dual backstand. Depending on brand owners’ needs, a 650-millimeter single backstand is also available.