Rexam¹s ( North American Corporate Office in Chicago, received top honors in the 2015 Great American Can Roundup (GACR) Industry Challenge by recycling more than 61,000 pounds of aluminum beverage cans.

The GACR Industry Challenge, sponsored by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), collected and recycled 193,213 pounds of beverage cans, raising more than $85,000 for local charities across the United States.

Rexam¹s recycling efforts raised nearly $24,500 for various local charities. As the winner of the challenge, the company receives an additional $2,000 to donate to charity.

"The Great American Can Roundup recycling contest continues to be a great opportunity for our industry to show our local communities how easy it is to recycle and the inherent value in aluminum," says Claude Marbach, president and CEO, Rexam Beverage Can North America. "It is our pleasure to team with fellow can-makers, suppliers and local charities to set a positive example in the communities we do business in. On behalf of the entire team at Rexam, I'd like to thank the manufacturing plant and office teams across our industry that participated this year and continue to position the aluminum beverage can as the most environmentally-friendly beverage package in the world."

Second place honors go to Ball Corporation¹s Findlay plant in Ohio. This plant recycled 38,364 pounds of aluminum beverage cans, equating to more than $17,400 raised plus the $1,000 prize money, all for donation to a charity of their choice.

Ball Corporation¹s Rome plant in Georgia took third place by recycling 10,199 pounds of aluminum beverage cans and raising more than $4,000 for charity.

"We're proud to be actively involved in this industry initiative to encourage recycling and help increase North American recycling rates," says Kathleen Pitre, vice president of communications and corporate relations at Ball Corporation. "Sustainability is a big part of who we are at Ball, and the Great American Can Roundup is a wonderful way for us to promote the infinite recyclability of metal packaging while positively impacting the environment and the communities where we operate."

CMI sponsors the GACR Industry Challenge annually to promote awareness around the environmental benefits of recycling aluminum cans. The 2015 Challenge involved more than 40 facilities, including plants and corporate offices. Participating U.S. can manufacturers are Rexam BCNA, Crown Holdings, Inc. and Ball Corporation, as well as the two aluminum supplier companies, Novelis and Alcoa. The facilities partner together with their local schools, charities and other organizations to spread the recycling message and give back to their community.

³Recycling allows for aluminum cans to be put back on store shelves in as few as 60 days,² said CMI President Robert Budway. ³Our industry is proud of the superior environmental benefits of the aluminum beverage can, and CMI is honored to sponsor the GACR in order to raise awareness about recycling and how to maintain a sustainable community. This industry contest provides an opportunity for can manufacturers and suppliers to show they are environmental stewards while also raising money for their local charities.²

Aluminum beverage cans are 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times. In fact, cans are the most recycled beverage package in the United States with a 67% recycling rate.

Since its inception, the GACR Industry Challenge has recycled more than 7 million pounds of aluminum cans, equating to more than $7 million raised for charities around the country.

CMI also sponsors other competitions under the GACR umbrella in order to promote and engage recycling within various communities around the country. Raising environmental awareness about the importance of recycling cans is one of CMI¹s main initiatives. For more information about the Great American Can Roundup, visit