Product packaging is just as important for gaining and retaining customers as the product itself. Visually appealing packaging is one step to attract customers, but if that packaging is too challenging to open once purchased, it can drive customers away entirely. Nobody wants to deal with product that's irritatingly difficult to open, but at the same time packaging should effectively prevent tampering with the product. The key to successful product packaging is the proper balance of tamper-proof and customer-accessible designs.

Avoiding Product Tampering with Innovative Sealing Solutions

There are various types of product packages that can help both prevent and indicate product tampering. Depending on the product, different types of opening seals are available to prevent people from opening them prior to buying. Once purchased, consumers can easily open them by breaking these seals to get to the contained products.

Depending on the type of packaging, here are some of the different seals are available.

Plastic Cap Seals

Many liquid products such as milk and juice have seals connecting the bottom of twist-off caps to the tops of bottles. Customers can open these by snapping the seal, which is usually audible. These seals are effective at preventing tampering, indicating if the container has already been opened, while also allowing customers to access the product easily.

Seals Beneath Caps

Another type of tamper-proof packaging seal is a paper or foil seal that sits on top of the container opening beneath the cap. Customers can usually peel the seal back with a small tab. Once removed, the cap can keep the contents fresh. Any rips or previous attempts to open the seal are visible because of its inability to reseal, which helps to deter tampering.

Tearing Seals

Some products such as produce and cheeses in resealable plastic bags may have a closed top above the resealable portion that consumers can rip or cut off. Once removed, the product can still remain just as fresh.

Plastic Tab Seals

Clamshell packages and other types of packaging that closes and reopens typically use tabs that customers can open. The seal is airtight until purchasing, when customers pull on the tab to open the container and access the product inside. Customers can then simply close and reseal the container to keep perishable products fresh. The initial seal is tamper-proof, but not normally too challenging to open.

Keep Customers Happy with Accessible Packaging

Customers want products with packaging that's as reliable as it is accessible. They don't want to experience unnecessary challenges solely to get past tamper-proof seals, but they should also feel comfortable in knowing that the packaging keeps products properly contained. Using appropriate tamper-proof seals can keep products protected and indicate tampering attempts, while keeping customers satisfied with the overall user friendliness of the packaging.

With reliable, easy-to-open packaging that combines practicality with visual appeal, consumers are much more likely to become repeat customers in the future.

Krys Beal, part of E-PAK Machinery, Inc.’s ( inside sales and marketing department, has over 19 years of experience in the manufacturing equipment industry with expertise in filling, capping and bottling equipment.