CROWN Beverage Packaging Mexico, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc.  (, launches an easy-open crown to help beer manufacturers deliver a unique opening experience to consumers. The technology represents a modern advancement of the bottle cap, which was invented by William Painter, Crown’s founder, 125 years ago to improve the packaging of carbonated soft drinks and beer.

The easy-open nature of the new design stems from the addition of a small, built-in lever. To remove the crown from the bottle, consumers simply hold the bottle in one hand, place their thumb under the lever and push the lever upward. No separate opening tools are required and much less torque needs to be exerted when compared to the removal of other bottle caps. In addition, the new crown is tamper-proof and can help brands combat counterfeiting. 

“Since its founding, Crown has committed itself to delivering innovations that respond to the evolving needs and values of consumers and enhance how they use and interact with products,” says Juan Carlos Gomez, sales manager, CROWN Beverage Packaging Mexico. “Our new easy open crown is a perfect example of that in action. It delivers a new level of convenience – a key attribute for all consumers – and elevates the entire brand experience by encouraging greater engagement with the package.”  

To add further differentiation on the shelf, brands can decorate the entire crown, including the lever mechanism. The new crown can be fastened to bottles using the same machinery used for standard pry-off and twist off designs, allowing beer manufacturers to quickly and easily adopt the technology. Only minor changes need to be made to filling machinery, including adjustments to the application of the plastic liner and the profile design. 

The new easy open crown is available to beer manufacturers across the Americas.